Help each fight depression!

Help each fight depression

We all got troubles, problems, situations that sometimes make us think God might not be on our side. That we are under the devil’s watch, sadly dancing to his music.

Sometimes the problems become so big we become detached and distant. Shadows to our own selves. Shadows to the people that love us. What we believed in, hoped for and worked for.

Sometimes we think we are the only ones suffering but heck! The whole world is shity too. It is silently bad but we just got to listen. Or watch. We nakedly stare at them in reality as their and or our lives are running into some sort of total alienation. Like moving zombies. Things of the walking dead. In no time, then we all wake, when someone has made an appointment with death. Suicide! And then we act like we are shocked. Something that was before us now gone just like that. A mask over their face was what they won. We didn’t try to find out. We didn’t talk to them. We did not listen.

However, we tend to forget that we at times need to talk to someone. To whom we could just talk it all out nonstop. Not caring what it does to our reputation. Even if we cry or shout. It helps as a stress reliever and all the while keep talking to God for his plans for us are never out of sync.

Do not heckle someone who is ever in church or trying to fit into a social circle. Some of them are looking for a group where they could be listened to. Given an audience or as such. Some just take it out on social media for they lack a physical, present person. Regardless of what the social media moralists/ fraternity will say. Damn those guys are everywhere and preaching against anything and everything. Ironic this post is also about that too. Preaching! But let me hope this is different. For it seeks to bring light to a more grave danger than just heckling on how people should dress, eat or believe in.

These just need an escape. But then we as the heartless freaks, for once one does that, we all jump at them like they just killed a dog to eat in America. Bloody.

Everybody needs to talk to somebody. Even if you just listen. Be there. Save a life. Fight depression. It kills.


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  1. Each person needs someone to stand by and listen to soul thoughts. Mental pain is less dramatic than physical pain, but it is more common and also more hard to bear. We should take a step towards soothing a disturbed soul.

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  2. True. Everyone needs a person who will listen to their words without judging them; by giving some comfort or proper guidance. Depression is something where you are tired of playing someone, where you don’t feel yourself anymore. To be depressed is totally normal and to some extent it’s necessary because your mind is giving you a signal to dedicate time to yourself. But sadly a lot of stigma is attached to depression or mental health in general.

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  3. Often, the best thing that we can do is to simply be there. A shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen, and a helping hand. We can’t fix it, it’s not that easy, but we can offer the support and strength that our loved ones need in the moment.

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