Home wrecker…EVIL!

Home wrecker…EVIL!


Disrespecting other people’s privacy. You are the reason that guy or girl goes to bed with tearful eyes, lost appetite and a troubled mind. Talk about depression. Talk of sleepless nights. The reason mistrusts keep rising up in other people’s relationships. For someone who got up one day and decided to risk it all. Decided to give a fair shot to love and be settled.

We could never tell for some, what their previous lives and relationships were. Are they hiding any scars? What dreams are they having? What life are they striving for? How much it took them to get the courage to risk their hearts to fall again. Hoping to rebuild again what they had lost before.

The guy or girl is praying earnestly that this time their relationship stands. Their intuition is telling them otherwise or it is sickeningly worried that something is wrong. That the worst that they have been running away all the way from is coming back at them. The evils of a past love gone sour. The heartbreaks. Heart shatters. The cries and pleas for a love never recovered.

But like a true, monster, you lurk in the shadows. Scheming. plotting. Hoping desperately that they break up. You are the reason why people’s dreams of a perfect relationship are getting shattered. All because you just cannot stick to your rightful place but keep meddling in other people’s affairs. You place the calls. You place the texts. You do the flirts and change their lover’s tastes. Man is mortal. Feelings change. You play on that tune and alter minds. From them to you, you skillfully toy.

You are the reason why some people have lost hope in believing that actually true love exists, the reason some people have developed hard hearts within the streets of love. Giving hard time to those that will later come to them with true love. Why? Because they will now think that love is simply hyped up and just a hoax. Their children getting caught up in this mess. Their future, of where to belong after, uncertain. Hangs in the balance like bats on trees. Un knowing.
You are the reason why relationships are breaking up because you spread poison from one end to another. Feeding off people’s innocence. And desperacy.

Do you know that some people get pleasure in seeing that other people’s relationships end? That is what many people are, that is what some of you are……..evil. Playing around with hearts is hardly forgivable.









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