To all the women around the world. The ones that make it happen. The ones that bear and see through it all everyday. Those that trudge through this shaded world. Through the valleys of race, colour and gender discrimination. Through the mountains of labour. Some of them faced with abortion decisions. Single parenthood, family rejection et al. Others through forests of emotional, sexual and psychological abuse. Battery. Revenge porn. Sex slavery. Through bogs educational discrimination, work place,  health, governance and sports discrimination. 

Formally, today is your day but actually, you deserve all 365 in a year. Sometimes it is 366 because a lot happens because of you. A lot of energy is made because of you that moves out world. 

Because you paint color to our lives everyday. Because life comes through you every time. Because love is incomplete without you in it.

One think you should know is that No one has a right to take away from you what you desire and deserve. What makes you happy and smile. What gives you the energy and life. 

Keep away from all the negative vibes and energy as a woman of value and love and yet still remember that there are far more people that love you than stress you. 

Be 😄😃😁. Rejoice. 🙏. ❤. 😄. I ❤😘 you.  Happy women’s day sweethearts. Always. 

And special to you the woman who brings magic to my life everyday in every way. 


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