A kissing taboo in Africa?

Lemme talk about kissing. Something we have all done. It is one of the first indicators that a relationship you have been chasing to get in is starting take shape and one of the best moments in a relationship especially during the wonderful moment of sex.
However, I am confused about its origin especially in relation to the African culture. I find it weird when some Africans (read African elders) say it was brought by the whites and they quite detest it. #Really? Like there was no kissing in the African culture? How did they enjoy their love life back then because I just cannot imagine love without kissing. I find it so irresistible to just fail kissing when I am with my girl.


If these guys (our African ancestors) did not do it then wtf were they doing in their days? What did they do during fore play or during their romances? Did they just say like, “Let’s have sex” & boom, jump right into it? Why do they see it as a taboo even? Just a lot to ask but failed to rephrase it….Maybe someone can throw more light here.


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