To the man Moze Radio πŸ“»

You was at home, or on social media. Watching TV or playing those videos or maybe in your room listening to your radio. Blasting through your phone, TV or your stereo. 

The deejay playing beats & dancing is the only thing you wana do. Then on the radio the deejay drops a song that’s super coolio. 

You wanna break the dancefloor coz you’re moving like a real pro on the DJs ones & twos. Dabbing & dropping down low, straight on to the floor. 

You pick up & turn, swing around & still want some more. 

The song is nakudata, Mr d.j, leesu, tambula nange or any done by that killer music duo. One calls himself weasel & the other radio. 

Running Uganda’s music scene for a whole 10 years of raw. 

From not only being a song writer but a talented one of a kind vocalist. 

But this world is so cold, it will always get us robbed. Especially of those people who seem to be loved the most. 

R.i.p to radio, that vocal maestro. 

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