#PhatFest18; love @20


Wake and Noisy doing their poetry at PhatFest18.

Who ever thought that born agains could never have fun on an event must be the greatest liar of this century. In this season of events where we have been bombarded non-stop with events on literally any entertainment front, the gospel arena must have been the only one lacking and it was hard to believe that a gospel event could register any attendance. More over in Januworry. I mean, who parties in January for crying out loud. But it all comes with a first step and on Saturday fifteenth, Power FM decided to be the maiden gospel franchise to hold a gospel event this year and oh boy was the stage set.

The event dubbed #PhatFest18 Love @ 20 was a give back to the fans event organized by power FM as its annual PhatFest event and as well used it to celebrate 20 years in the gospel industry. They are literary the best urban gospel radio station in Uganda. The event slated to start at 4 p.m., the famous Cricket Oval ground was almost filled by 6 and as sound checks were finalizing, revelers were mixing and mingling as catching up with light conversations, selfies and indulging in delicacies. The fashion scene too was over flowing with decently but yet mesmerizingly dressed youths.

By 7, the event had started to roll with a list of Power FM emcees throwing jocks and listing line ups of the night’s performers, a prayer and blessings from Pastor Gary Skinner of Watoto Church and basing on the crowds’ reaction, the reception was set to accommodate them.  A variety of top, urban gospel artists in Uganda was set to thrill the crowds with a star studded performers list from the night’s opener of Suubi, a former Coca Cola rated next participant who gave us a wonderfully sung national anthem to Ruyonga, Coopy Bly, Zabuli, Dreign, Dj Stef Ug different gospel dance crews and the new comer on the scene, a gospel poetess called Noisy who threw rich gospel lines with hip-hop artist Wake and finally closed off by the international acclaimed gospel outfit, Jeremy Camp who took the people into the moment of worship.

By the end of the night, revelers were drenched in sweat from dancing to being filled up spiritually and since cricket oval is one of those venues used to measure an event holder’s strength with in the industry, it is safe to say that Power FM had owned it.

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