Inspirers and you…


We all need a little bit of a push. Some inspiration. A place/ source where we all could get a word or skill on how to run our life from an angle that is different form our own. Getting to listen to others is good especially if their ideas will get us moving on or out of that rut that is plaguing us but if the person I am listening to is one who doesn’t want me to talk back then that is where the problem lies. Communication is supposed to be two ways. I am not the kind of person who likes living under rules, orders and saying yes just because I am wanted to by others.

Everyone needs to have that freedom of expression and free will to have a bigger percentage of deciding for their life. If you want to inspire someone, you do not have to do it by force and overbearance.

It takes time and it is not a must that everyone will learn and try to live the way you live or want them to be, some people can be successful by following their own rules and everyone has the right to decide for themselves and we need to give people that chance. We do not always have to live in the shadows of others. Sometimes the best in us can only be best exhibited when we are set on the stage alone.

I would like to quote Mugume Canary “The more you grow older, the more these questions about what’s life about become elusive, therefore you have to create your own reality. You should be concerned about things that make you happy and define your own parameters of success.
You should not look at people and imagine they are happier than you are, because you just never know what’s going on in their lives. They are probably worse than you are.

Let me use Neymar, Barcelona and Messi as an example. There were three forwards in Barcelona fc therefore, Neymar, Messi and Suarez but despite that they were all good, the much hype went to Messi. He carried the team on his shoulders. When Barcelona won a match, the usual first question was, “did Messi score and how many if he did?” and we almost got lost into failing to recognize the other guys.

It is until now that Neymar decided to step out of this one man blanket that we have started to actually take note of his prowess.

There comes appoint in life when you have to realize that you too are good, stronger and better despite that we are sometimes greater as a team.

At least now the French league is gaining the spotlight.

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