Dear my lil Slay Queens…


With unrealistic lifestyles. You have nothing but you demand for things like you’re taxing. You give nothing (minus your body & stuff of course) but you always want to be given like it’s always thanksgiving. Oh, wait! That’s your demand for the sexing.  Unreligious (I don’t think putting God & Bible verses as captions is that religious enough) Your photo edits make you look super clean enough but you’re vending STDs & stuff.
#How_about_you_find_something_new??? Like a proper education when it’s being given. Like a real job not doing some random dick hoping. At least let a niga do you & place you in some high class office not do you & still drop you off back to your filthy living in the cold ass morning. Where are your manners? Didn’t your mama teach you nothing? Or wait hold up. Maybe she too was busy tripping?
See many highschool slay girls. (The Queen title shouldn’t be that depleted) posing around on the media with their bald heads & some sneaking up into the disco with wigs on their bald heads. Fixing them on in the parking lot or maybe from dark places on the streets or in garden city toilets.
The price for fame got you doing all lame poses. Sometimes I think most of the girls in my friends list are crippled. Thought it was a plague or something. Polio & its cousins.
Two words: BE HUMBLE. It won’t be nice when you heaping & sagging at 30.

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