Of Angela Kalule’s video….


Time and again, money and sex have usually made the loudest news stories. Especially if the woman in the center of the sex story is famous or beautiful. Uganda has not been spared. From Desire to Zari and many more and this time round, it is Angela Kalule. Like most of these things, it starts with someone posting of how their phone has been stolen and pleading for the thieves to either bring it back, like that line works or to take out what they want and bring and that does not work either and so before we know it, the public’s anticipations are answered and we are soon assaulted by pictures and videos of nearly or extremely naked women. I wonder why guys’ phones never get stolen though.
Anyways, after the hashtag #kookonyo got trending, I also joined the wagon and had to watch it. Gratefully,  there’s always someone willing to share these things even if you do not ask.
I watched the video. Sadly. Why? It was whack. I do not even understand why some called it a nude video. Like we have taken so long without being exposed to real nudity now we are passing off a mediocre video as nude? Maybe we are becoming a bit more ethical and passing off any woman in a dress that shows their shoulders as nude. If that is the case then am becoming proud of you. So in this video. Where Angela looks a stark contrast of what she actually looks in videos. (Thank God for the inventor of beauty apps and video editors?) she is talking love to her man. She is opening up to her man how she loves him.
These are things that lovers do. This is what love is like these days. People are devising all means to keep their love going. I do not see a reason why then some people are throwing stones at her especially since she did not leak the video. (Though we are not certain of that). Love can at times get so cold and boring. It needs that spark to bring it to life again. The person may not look like what you may find nice and sexy though some of you are sleeping with people that look much more horrible than geckos but please, get a life. I am not the “I stand with Angela” team but talking from a lovers’ point of view. This is hi-tech era. Things have changed and love has not been spared. We should not let our love run cold. Everyone has their way of sending love to their partners. Spice it up. Tease them. It really hurts when bae no longer finds that sexiness in you. The woman is old. Her skin, lips and breasts show but she still flaunts it and I bet her man likes it. That is OK. Normal. Romantic. I would not mind my woman doing that to me. I would like her to tease me day in day out. Some of you are living hectic love lifes. There is no spark. It is dead like a spent dick. Like a ‘sock’ breast. Things evolve and love has not been spared either. The joke is on the fool who thought it wise to leak it. Your goal in your life must be in your anus.

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