Ever since Bebecool had his head literary sliced up by his hair stylist (whom I think needs some more styling tips and probably maybe we should fundraise for him/her to attend a styling school), he had never been as bold to come up and give it to us full force. He’s always been hiding around until what I think was an inspiration that came from Topic Kaesente, The Bigoli hit maker who was rallying people to take up the crazy head styling trends which mainly revolve around weird barber cuts.

So probably one day Bebecool woke up, switched on his television and found this Team No Sleep kid crooning away about some weird hair trends though I think the kid was afraid to include Bebecool in his lyrics. And what did Bebecool do? Called his next video director and told him, “in my next video, ’18 & over’’, start with me having my face turned away from the camera so that people can really see my kigooli’ and bang that was it. But that turning he did, whoever directed it needs some posing lessons to attend too.


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