From as long time ago, numerous kingdoms and rich men. From the era of Egyptian pharaoh’s to kingdoms in South America and here in our every own Uganda, the burial of rich men was different. Very colorful. The mummies were usually buried with gold and ornaments, servants and weapons, pottery and money because these were to accompany them into the afterlife.

Last week we saw the burial of one of Uganda’s richest young folks. Don Ivan Ssemwanga. Many cried for him as a fallen friend, as a source of their income, mentor and some as sex mate. You know the high life. Things of girls clinging on the rich and stuff and trust me, the list of girls that have been drawn on can make an all-female Olympics team.

There was splashing of money and liquor during the burial. Celebrity attendance was kind of a must or something like that but then as usual, soon as the clips and pictures went online, then people came crashing. Those who could not afford to attend, those that he owed money, those whose girls he humped or those girls he did bot turn an eye to. And those that who are naturally haters by birth. They huffed and puffed at how these guys behaved. They hated on the money they did not even make. I hear devaluing our currency like as if our currency really has that much of a value. We even have a fifty shillings coin which is in circulation but cannot afford anything.

Yet all this is not new. It was done in the present day norm. They could not get him weapons of war, regalia, servants and stuff. They could only get him money because that was his trade. So what exactly was the dust raised for?

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