“(ohh Kati, kwata wakati ohh kati,endongo ekute akati (Discolife disco disco) X4

Twende mama honey, #discodisco kwata basket #discodisco, twende baskeri
#discodisco nga machine gun #discodisco

amagulu wanika nnyo, nyo owemikono wanika nnyo, nyo wamma kyusa nendodo, ndodo  nzijje nkukoneko nyondo, nyondo”

So goes part of the lyrics to Eddy kenzo’s song, Disco life. Which I think is my favorite of all his songs. A young boy by the time he came from Masaka though some theorists argue that he’s from Rwanda. Which is the most probable truth by the way. Quite a multitalented chap there. Though I am asking myself where the word multi fits in. Ok, I know he used to play soccer and he dances or rather, he has dancers and his wife is one of the hottest we have in the Ugandan music industry. Hands down. The same way I am struggling to find the rightful way to fit him in, is the same way Ugandans are still struggling to make the guy fit in. All along. Yeah, I know. Bebecool is my first example. That guy has no chill pills on the boy. He thinks he sings crap and so do many other Ugandans and his winning the BET did not make matters any better though they still turned up to welcome him like he was the newly discovered black messiah. Fat chance that might also be you who is reading this. Though I too do not understand his lyrics sometimes.

Despite his weird lyrics sometimes, I must say that this boy, though Uganda is embarrassingly at this time still yet to fully recognize him, is the best. Or he sits somewhere up there. I mean. He is the only Ugandan artist at the moment who is single handedly running West Africa. I think he has done more shows in West Africa than in the pearl and more international collaborations than most artists’ combined. His videos are good. The effort is there. And to ice the cake to the top, is not it just too embarrassing that our tourism next-door rival, Kenya has taken a major recognition of this by branding him their tourism ambassador? Something called destination marketing? Many people came out to brand him a traitor. Treason is the sentence. Saying how could he? But to throw more light on destination marketing. Basically, it is when a person who is not from that particular place is used to call other on other people (fellow foreigners) to come and see the goodness of the products he/she found these people offering. Simple. It is like Beyoncé coming to Uganda and then tells fellow Americans to come too and see how mad we party. Get it you haters?

I would best suggest that Ugandans stopped hating and push this boy forwards. He is the best representative we have out there. Let us show some love like Tanzania to Diamond. The good life boys, Chameleon, Peter Miles, Navio all those are off the list. They are as good as internationally irrelevant. Here is someone whom we can bet our money on and it will be worth it.

Time to press next and dance to jubilation – Eddy kenzo.

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